Hey guys!

Hi! My name is Cynthia am a fresh graduate of medicine and surgery,(mbbs) in my twenties. Am an introvert most of the time…..oh well that depends on where I find myself . I love food ( I really do) but I exercise a lot to compensate for that. I love travelling,am good with people  once i put shyness away of course and yeah!I love babies.

I  will like to welcome  you to my blog. Here i get to share health tips, answer frequently asked questions,an keep us updated on important health informations. Finance  motivational, beauty and fashion tips.You will consistently find tidbits about my random everyday musing and my life in and out of the emergency room.it is my hope that this blog will not only be a place for  me to share my story but for you to share yours too . I think everyone gets a little giddy when they see their page has had one more view,but I would be thrilled to get to know the person behind the number.there are so many ways for us to connect,so feel free to leave comments I promise I’ll respond.

Thank you so much for stopping by,