5 Keys to maintaining a happy life

c360_2016-09-27-09-41-21-343Being happy is everyone’s goal even though happiness means different things to different people .it could be having lots of money, finding love, having kids and so on .but in the real world no one is Jolly all the time because of course life happens.being happy is a major requisite for healthy living because it keeps away depression, hypertension and all stress related diseases here are some keys that  work for me.

Count your blessings

Whatever unfortunate situation you find yourself in,you should bear in mind that some other people have it worse and could give anything to be in your shoes. For example your problem might be that your job doesn’t pay you enough but out there there is someone still looking for a job no matter how little the pay is.So the first thing is to count your blessings. Pull out a piece of paper and write out those things that are going on well in your life.

take care of yourself

This is not the time to crawl into your shell. Get out more,take a stroll ad  enjoy the fresh air,exercise , get  enough sleep , eat right and take care of your body as a whole.its really not easy but you have to make a conscious effort to do this for the love of yourself. Its allowed to pamper yourself yourself at times too no matter how small . I buy something nice for me or take myself out when am feeling down it lifts up my spirit.

make good friends

Good friends are like” medicine to your  soul”. Surround yourself with positive people who love you and genuinely care about you. Remember that” a problem shared is a problem half solved”.when I lost my mum in my finals in medical school I had good friends who helped me keep it together.they were patient and encouraging.I talked about my feelings, I cried and they were there for me it made it easier to go through that excruciating period of my life.

try something new

If it’s a problem at work how can you do better?if you just lost someone try an activity that will keep your mind off it,you can volunteer in your community,church,school, you can join a a sporting activity,take cooking classes or even  can start a blog. Just like linda ikeji who started blogging  as a get- away when every business she ventured into was not working out the way she planned,her magazine,modelling agency and at a point she was arrested for owing a bank some amount of money which she couldn’t pay back. According to her,  blogging gave her something to look forward to and today it has been a blessing to her .find something you enjoy doing,channel your energy to it instead of letting your problems get the better of you.

Have a personal relationship with God

This cannot be over emphasized. There are so many problems inlife that are beyond your control, poblems that money, knowing influential people or popularity ccannot solve. When you have a healthy relationship with God he takes care of all that concerns you.Get to know him more,read your bible learn to pray about every situation that affects your peace of mind , when you have laid your burden before him,let go of it and trust him to take care of you.

fake it till you make it

It may seem like a lot of work but acting happy when you are actually sad really can make you better. Don’t be quick to give in to unhappiness no matter how bad the situation is.truth is as long as you are alive you have hope.


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