Am thankful! Are you?

C360_2016-10-01-08-44-08-070.pngHi guys! Happy new month! And happy independence day to my country Nigeria. I started this blog with the hope of putting up at least one post each day but due to some circumstances beyond my control I have been” missing in action” but am back now and  i promise to put out more posts as often as work permits me because I love you guys . So I woke up this morning at about 4 : 38am ( yup! First thing I do when I wake up most times is check the time ). My laptop was by my side and open, I must have slept off while Watching jenifa’s diary the night before. I was angry because my battery was down to 25 % and with the current light situation every % is precious. In between thinking about where I can charge my laptop and planning my day in my head, and preparing to put up a post the next thing that popped up in my head was ” be thankful “. I thought about it for a while and  it kept on ringing in  my head “be thankful ” so I asked myself what is there to be thankful for? is it the hike in fuel price? or the fact that everything is so expensive ?or the burden of looking for how to charge my laptop for work?

It’s not easy even for  the best of us ( especially  in this recession)  to be thankful  when things are not going in our favour . It’s not easy for a graduate who has been job hunting with no success for years to wake up each day and be thankful just like it’s not easy for someone who has been suffering from a debilitating illness to be thankful.but truthfully whenever you give thanks to God even in the midst of difficulty the enemy looses a battle in your life.because thankfulness in the midst of difficulty is a sacrifice pleasing to God.

It’s not a “rich people thing”, its not a race thing, neither is it a thing for those who have it all. It’s an attitude that can and should be  cultivated and practiced at all times . You get more when you are appreciative,  so also with nature.When you dwell on what you want that you haven’t gotten,you loose count of what you have now that other people wish they had.Be thankful for life ( even money can’t bring back the dead) be thankful for air you breathe (some people are paying dearly for the oxygen you enjoy freely )  be thankful for your family,and friends, family, the food and water

choose today to be content and grateful this does not mean you should not aspire for better but while in the running for a better life and greater feats don’t overlook the little reasons you have to be happy,be thankful if it helps you an write them down and read them to yourself daily ( especially those days when life hands you more flames the than you can carry) . Don’t compare yourself to others, you are unique and so is your purpose on earth. Don’t  be in the habit of always complaining about things instead look at the bright side.whatever situation that disturbs your peace always bear in mind that it could have been worse,instead of sulking and letting it rob you of your happiness thank God far the valuable lessons it has taught you,what you have learnt from it and move on with a grateful heart. thankful person is a positive person and attracts good things to his/her self.

As for me, I am

I am thankful for my life,family and friends,

I am thankful for the love of my life

I am thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts with awesome people all over the world

I am thankful for Every grace and blessings that I have received both big and small

I am thankful for this wonderful world and the nature around me

I am happy for a new month of greater achievements and awesome testimonies

I am thankful for my country Nigeria and the grace of being alive to celebrate 56 years of Nigeria’s independenceC360_2016-10-01-08-44-42-362.png

Are you thankful,What are you thankful for? I love to read your feedbacks in the comment section.

Love you all!









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