Spotlight on Ginika Okolie Temple

C360_2016-10-04-07-19-48-923.png Hello yummies! Am a huge fan of appreciation. I  believe the best way to get the most out  of people who they a doing well  is to encourage them (shout out to Dr Obi my community  health lecturer) hence I decided to add a segment called  “spotlight”it will centre around celebrating and promoting  enterprising  young Nigerians who are doing great things and making us proud.  To encourage those who do so much in their fields, the movers and shakers,the next forbes list contenders in the making.

Today’s focus is a gorgeous lady  with a heart of gold who turned a hobby into an empire and is taking the beauty world by storm

GINIKA OKOLIE  TEMPLE is  the CEO and creative director of RTM beauty and makeup studio. The last child in a family of six, hails from uli ihiala local government area of Anambra state. She holds a B.Sc in Geography from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. This pretty lady has done well for herself from juggling her makeup business and school work to opening her own make up studio at the age of 22 years. She is a hard worker, talented and excellent at what she does.

Her advice to young people she said “advice to young people is that ever9yone has been blessed by God with a very special gift and everyone should try and use that gift he or she has to develop their life and help those around them. Many people today are stuck where they are because of the company they keep, until you disassociate yourself from people who directly or indirectly pull you back, you might never progress. Associate with people who have something positive to offer you and who will help you achieve your dreams and then, above all, always put God first in everything and watch him lead you through.” Below are some of her work c360_2016-10-04-07-05-37-981C360_2016-10-04-07-18-28-173.pngC360_2016-10-04-07-18-51-747.pngC360_2016-10-04-07-20-31-829.png

RTM beauty and makeup studio is located at 5 Emina crescent off to yin street ikeji lagos state. For enquiries you can call 09053516970 you can follow her on instagram @rtmbeautyandmakeupstudio.

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