Should a pregnant woman take “zobo”drink?

C360_2016-10-05-17-19-04-111.pngThere is nothing more refreshing after a stressful day than a chilled glass of zobo drink.! I have always loved this drink forever, I don’t joke with it at all . I grew up in the north so I had lots and lots of this. It’s  tasty,all natural,the ingredients are locally available and affordable, and very easy to make. The drink is made from hibiscus flower.The health enemies are immeasurable  although it depends on what you use to prepare it. I recommend natural flavour like pineapple and ginger and not artificial flavours.and also be careful with the amount of sugar you add. The health benefits amongst others include:

  1. its packed with  vitamin  C  which helps to fight cold and other infections by strengthning the immune system.

2. When taken with honey it helps to reduce stress.

3. studies have shown that hibiscus has a diuretic properties, that is the ability to open arteries, and helps  the body slow the release of hormones that constrict blood vessels,this effect reduces the pressure exerted  on the walls of blood vessels  by the action of the heart to pump blood to other body parts,which consequently leads to a lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive people. But this should not take the place of proper check up or replacement of recommended anti hypertensives

However the hibiscus leaves used in zobo drink is not recommended for pregnant women in their first trimester or those undergoing fertility treatments this is because it can lower the estrogen level in the body and can prompt menstruation which could lead to a miscarriage. 




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