4 positive affirmations for a better life

C360_2016-10-16-12-14-13-543.pngGooooood morning sunshine!  It’s a beautiful day and am extremely happy and energised.first I want to appreciate you for taking time to read my blog. Juggling work and blogging is not easy but I can’t complain am most grateful for this platform to connect with wonderful people.

As the saying goes “guard your thoughts for they become your words and your words become your actions” Every human being has an inner dialogue that is constantly reflecting on different types of thoughts – positive and negative. It’s very important that  we learn to control these dialogues don’t entertain the negative thoughts, focus more on the positives and channel them towards a greater good.and how can we do this? By using positive affirmations and making it a part of us .here are 4 that you could say to yourself everyday. Saying these to yourself everyday you are already on the road to becoming a better you

  1. “Today I am grateful for who I am,what I have ,where I’ ve been and where I’m going”

 The importance of gratitude in our everyday life cannot be over emphasized. it is the key to feeling truly fulfilled on a daily basis.make it a habit to express gratitude for circumstances of your life everyday by repeating this affirmation. It’s a mentality that will make you happier,more successful,more resilient through pain and more attractive to other people.

2.”Today I promise to do whatever it takes for my happiness,success and future”

” It begins with you”.The only person who can make you happy the only one who truly knows what your life is missing and can make your happiness a reality is you.You are unique. There is only one you. So if you want to make your dreams come true, it’s on you to put in the hard work, discipline, man-hours, and dedication to accomplish your goals.No other human being has the ability to take the necessary steps to create that fantastic life that you’re envisioning in the back of your mind.

That’s why every single day when you wake up and look in the mirror, you should say yourself: “today i promise to do whatever it takes for my happiness, success, and future”.No one can make your greatness real except you. That’s why you have to make a lifelong promise to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to make that happy, successful, and extraordinary future that you deserve a reality.Remind yourself of that promise every single day.

3″.The opinions of others will not sway me. I will live my dreams “

We live on a planet populated by over seven billion human beings: seven billion opinions, seven billion beliefs, seven billion ideas, seven billion mindsets, and seven billion agendas. So no matter how strong-willed, opinionated, or independent you are, it is impossible to live out your life or make progress on your dreams without being affected in some way by the opinions of others. There will be people who will doubt your ability, who will question whether your goals are achievable, some of them friends and family.Set goals for yourself, put in the necessary work to make your visions real. You may hit blocks  but don’t stop pushing. Convince yourself that living your dream is a must and not an option.it will give you the conviction to stay true to your path to greatness.


4.Today I will not be a victim. I am in control of my destiny

Circumstance that we enter this life with like the parents that give life to us, the locations where they raise us, the financial circumstances we grow up with, and the God-given abilities that the universe endows us with are out of our control. With so much out of our control it’s easy to feel like a “victim” But this is a loosing approach and not a good reason for not living up to expectations.Am greatly inspired by Nick  Vujicic. He was born with phocomelia (no limbs) perfect excuse to depend on others right? Wrong! He  didnt let that define him ,he has accomplished so much that his name will never be forgotten in years to come all over the world.No matter how terrible or unfortunate the circumstances around you are, you  always have control over how your life turns out. Because it’s not the circumstances that we come into the world with that end up defining us. It’s the way we respond to life’s situations that defines us.C360_2016-10-16-12-13-45-071.png

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

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