Rice water and your hair

c360_2016-09-26-18-56-45-524So i have had struggles with my hair,practically used all kinds of hair creams, oil and whatnot but it seems to break rather than restore my hair until I came across this information and i thought to share with you all.Rice water is rich in minerals and vitamins that make it fantastic for your hair and skin.it can be used either concentrated, diluted or fermented to achieve a glowing skin and a gorgeous hair.i love this formula especially because it’s easy to make, its readily available and it’s all natural ( how cool is that? ) so next time you want to toss that rice water away you might want to think again. c360_2016-09-26-18-58-39-834


1.Rinse the rice to remove dirt

2.boil the rice with as much water as you need

3.strain out the rice water into a bowl, store in a clean jar and keep refrigerated

To improve the efficacy you can ferment it.this is done by allowing the rice water sit in the jar until it turns slightly sour, this can take a day or two.Fermented rice water is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamin B, vitamin E and traces of pitera ( anti-aging elixir ) that promotes cell regeneration.


1.It’s an excellent conditioner, repairs and strengthens damaged hair shaft while providing elasticity and smoothness.

2.it contains ” inositol” a carbohydrate that helps strengthen elasticity of the hair and decrease surface friction.


After shampooing, rinse your hair with a rice water and gently massage your scalp and hair and leave it for 4-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with plain water. Use it once or twice a week as a last rinse.

You can also add few drops of essential oil for extra nourishment.

WARNING – rice water may build up on hair overtime so consider using a clarifying agent like Apple juice with the rice water ( about one teaspoon in one cup of rice water )C360_2016-09-26-18-57-11-126.png

Also if you are about that ” extra extra ” You can use your rice water together with green tea to add extra shine and strengthen to your hair.

So guys what do you do with your rice water?

Have you used it on your hair?

Tell us about your experience.

Thanks for stopping by darlings, I hope this piece was helpful please leave a comment below and remember to share with your friends as well. Have an awesometastic day!



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